Modicine Kit

Dear Customer,
We, at ModHike® welcome you to have joined us in the Club* of Modicine ™ Kit & are thankful for choosing our quality Healthcare Products manufactured under stringent International Standards of WHO.

Henceforth! you may call… You May Call Medicine As Modicine As we all are aware, the noble profession of a Doctor, since ages has been to ethically serve the Humanity by sacrificing his own comforts to create and contribute to a “Healthy World”

Modicine® Salute the Doctor !

Modicine™ Kit extend’s a Helping Hand to the Medical Profession by promoting OVER – THE – COUNTER Meldicines through an innovative Studded with 14 essential Medicines which are being recommended to “Every Family ” &. ” Business Houses ” to meet with small Emergencies and provide Relief to a patient Instantly :-

At Home At Office At Travel

It is interesting to ask ourself the following:
Do we keep 10 – 20 Kgs of wheat at Home     ?   Yes
Do we keep 5 – 16 Ltrs of cooking oil at Home   ?   Yes
Do we keep 5 – 10 Kgs of sugar at Home    ?   Yes
Do we keep reserves of all essential commodities at Home   ?   Yes
Do we keep reserves of all essential items at Office   ?    Yes
Do we keep reserves olall essential items during Travel    ?   Yes

But ! Do we keep Reserves of even the basic Medicines
At Home At Office At Travel

It is amusing to reveal the Fact that the importance of keeping the reserve of Medicines At Home or At Office & During Travel is often neglected, though we all know that Health is always considered our biggest Wealth.
Hence! There is a strong need of a Companion which should always accompany us At Home – At Office – At Travel as an Insurance of our Precious Health during all small Emergencies.

We, at ModHlke® are Proud to Launch a MOdicine™ Kit after the great success of this concept in USA, Russia, Japan, Gulf, London & allover European Union.

Let Us Strive To Build A Modern Healthy india

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